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Preparing for the 2020 Season

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As we approach water-on at the Lake, we are all starting to think about life at Estling given the coronavirus epidemic. The board has begun discussing this in some detail, but so much can change over the next three months. So, as you contemplate moving to the Lake, check the current NJ rules and guidelines understanding that the board will embrace the letter and the spirit of these rules and guidelines.
– Rick

Work Weekend – June 9th

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Looking forward to work-weekend –a great way to start the summer. We will open up the lake on Saturday, June 9h. As usual, everyone should report to the Athletic Field or the Community House at 9AM.

  • Scott S. will be at the tennis courts/ball field – bring your gloves, rakes and pruning sheers.
  • Kim N. will be in the Community House.
  • Scott W. will be on the beach. The floats go in around 11 am.
  • In addition to the above Mike D. will recruit a crew to clean out the ditches on the dirt road pat the Walker camp.  Bring shovels.
  • Lunch with thanks to the Ladies Club will be between 12 and 12:30.

Work Weekend is an important event on our annual calendar. There’s much to do so we need everyone to join in. Some jobs require heavy lifting, but many do not – we can find a task for all.

After lunch and having already warmed up cleaning out the cove at the beach, we may cleanup of the shore in front of the Reitwiesner camp and the Price/Livingston cove. Boots are helpful, iron rakes and wheelbarrows too.

There will be a Board meeting Sunday at noon at the Community House.

Rick P.

Water Turn on Delay Due to Weather

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Denville Township was scheduled to turn on the water main today in preparation for our pipeline opening. However, due to unexpected freezing temperatures overnight and predicted low nighttime temperatures later this week, Denville has rescheduled turning on the service until next week. I realize this may be disruptive to plans for moving in this weekend, but we must be cautious when it comes to our above ground pipeline. For those that are not in the area, we actually had an inch of snow this past Saturday.

Assuming the weather cooperates, Denville will be turning on the water supply Tue or Wed next week. If any of the Pipeline team members are available on Fri, 4/20, I would like tackle our repairs starting at 9AM and hopefully get the entire system opened that day.

I appreciate everyone’s flexibility and understanding and I look forward to getting water flowing as soon as possible.


Reminders and Updates for 9/16/2017

The water will be shut off on Saturday, October 28th at 10AM.  I’ll be reaching out to our usual group of dedicated volunteers in a few weeks to confirm the meet up.  The water will be turned back on Saturday, April 14th, 2018.

For the website, there is a new addition on the History page.  Many of you have a printed copy of Estling Lake – Then and Now, published by Doris Edwards, and it is now available on our web site in PDF form.  I’ll be working on many updates to the History page over the off season, as I have found a great collection of Estling Lake documents and memorabilia from my grandmother, Nancy Saulter.  Feel free to reach out if you have other items from our Estling history that would be interesting to share.

Work Weekend – Saturday, June 10th

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Saturday, June 10th

Looking forward to work-weekend – really!!! It’s a great way to start the summer.

Of course it’s easy to look forward to this event remembering that many hands make light work. You know the routine, a 9 am start –

• Eric will be at the tennis courts/ball field – bring your gloves, rakes and pruning sheers. Also, we lost the mailbox last fall and will be installing a replacement. Hopefully with all our engineers we will be able to figure it out.
• Kim will be in the Community House.
• Scott will be on the beach. There will be sand to spread, so we will need shovels and wheelbarrows. The floats go in at 11.
• If we have sufficient turnout, Margaret has arranged for the town to pick up piles of brush as long as it is neatly piled along the road, maximum length of 4’. So we will assign a crew to this task.

Lunch will be between 12 and 12:30.

After lunch and having already warmed up cleaning out the cove at the beach, Margaret is organizing a cleanup of the shore in front of the Reitwiesner camp and a cleanup of the Price/Livingston cove. Margaret anticipates an hour at each location. Boots are helpful. Iron rakes and wheelbarrows too. We can discuss this over lunch.

Board members will need to be available for a short board meeting at 2:30, primarily to interview Bonnie Desmond, the prospective purchaser of the Collins camp.

-Rick P.

The Estling season of 2016 is here

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Hi all,

The Estling season of 2016 is here. Many of you have started—and some completed—the annual clean-up and move-in activities. You will have noticed that we have a much smoother and cleaner Estling Lake Road this year. The first official activity of the season is coming soon:

Work Weekend is June 11-12.

As usual, work will be concentrated at the Athletic Field and Community House/Beach. Start time is 9AM on Saturday. If you’re going to the Athletic Field, bring a rake, some clippers and maybe a tarp. To the Community House, bring a willingness to work and the realization that not everyone waits until 9 to begin.

The Corporation will provide lunch at around noon, or when the work is done (whichever comes last), on Saturday.

There is also a project scheduled for Saturday afternoon. As you may know, as part of last fall’s hydro raking project, we removed a good deal of organic matter from the cove near the Price and Livingston camps. However, the hydro rake, based on a boat, could not reach the material that is in or near the shallow water. The task for Saturday afternoon is to remove some of this stuff. To do this we will need wheel barrows, shovels and heavy duty rakes. And a hearty group of people who are not afraid of a little muck. Meet at the stone bridge by the cove at 2:00.

You will be getting a lake calendar in your mailbox soon.  But until it comes, here are a few early dates you should be aware of:

As usual, the floats and other beach equipment will go in on the Work Weekend. But the beach does not officially open until Saturday, June 25. June 25 is the first day lifeguards will be on duty.

The day before, June 24, we will have S’mores on the beach. The first Song Service is June 26.

Garbage will be collected on Tuesday and Friday starting in June. The bulk pick-up at curbside is on June 28. As usual, put your items out beforehand so your friends and neighbors can prevent obviously valuable but somehow underappreciated items from winding up in a landfill. But please don’t put things out too early and clutter up our roadside.

We don’t seem to have as many deer as we used to, but they are still around. And that means we still have the threat of Lyme Disease. Kevin Bollinger found that there is a new test for Lyme Disease. You can read about it at this site:

See you soon.


Water is on!

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The water was successfully turned on this past Saturday. Here are a couple of pictures from one of the repairs.  Thanks to everyone who came out to help!



Updates for 4/10/2015

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The water will not be turned on until Saturday April 18th.  Denville Township needs to make additional repairs to their end of the pipeline which should be complete before the 18th.

Dates to remember for 2015

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  • The water will be turned on April 11 (weather permitting).
  • Work weekend for 2015 is June 13th and 14th.
  • Land Events is scheduled for June 28
  • Water Events is scheduled for July 12