Work Weekend – Saturday, June 10th

Work Weekend – Saturday, June 10th

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Saturday, June 10th

Looking forward to work-weekend – really!!! It’s a great way to start the summer.

Of course it’s easy to look forward to this event remembering that many hands make light work. You know the routine, a 9 am start –

• Eric will be at the tennis courts/ball field – bring your gloves, rakes and pruning sheers. Also, we lost the mailbox last fall and will be installing a replacement. Hopefully with all our engineers we will be able to figure it out.
• Kim will be in the Community House.
• Scott will be on the beach. There will be sand to spread, so we will need shovels and wheelbarrows. The floats go in at 11.
• If we have sufficient turnout, Margaret has arranged for the town to pick up piles of brush as long as it is neatly piled along the road, maximum length of 4’. So we will assign a crew to this task.

Lunch will be between 12 and 12:30.

After lunch and having already warmed up cleaning out the cove at the beach, Margaret is organizing a cleanup of the shore in front of the Reitwiesner camp and a cleanup of the Price/Livingston cove. Margaret anticipates an hour at each location. Boots are helpful. Iron rakes and wheelbarrows too. We can discuss this over lunch.

Board members will need to be available for a short board meeting at 2:30, primarily to interview Bonnie Desmond, the prospective purchaser of the Collins camp.

-Rick P.