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Town Hall Presentation for 7/1/2020

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Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first virtual Town Hall.  We had over 50 participants from 37 different camps with more than 30 comments/questions contributed via chat.  Feedback on the Bylaws presentation has been captured and will be shared with the committee.  The slides from the July 1st Town Hall have been posted to the website.

Another Town Hall is scheduled for Wednesday, July 29th at 7:30 PM.  While the agenda is still being developed, I am expecting we will be demonstrating how a virtual Corporation Meeting will operate.  I would encourage everyone to attend this session so that you can get a feel for the process to vote and to submit comments/questions.

Website Updates for 6/27/2020

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Board Meeting Minutes – Meeting minutes for the Board of Directors have been posted for the off season from late 2019 through early 2020.

Building Committee Meeting Minutes and Membership – Meeting minutes for the Building Committee have been posted for 2018 and 2019 seasons.  In addition, the committee membership listing was added for the current year and the prior 10 years.

Lake Maintenance Lowering/Filling 2019 – The lake was lowered in 2019 and I was able to capture the event with a time lapse camera.  It only took a week to drain but took 4 weeks to fill due to a lack of rain during October.

Crazy Times

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The main purpose of this note is simply to wish everyone good health “until we meet again”, very shortly, at Estling. With water-on scheduled for April 12th campers will be in residence soon. Scott is monitoring the weather and may turn on the water slightly before April 12th. He will keep us posted if this is possible.

With the measures being taken around the Corona virus, including the CDC advising no gatherings of more than 50 people for the next 8 weeks and the federal government advising no meeting of more than 10 people for the next 15 days, I am thankful that we still have a few months before our summer begins. These guidelines will hopefully be less severe by then.

I will refrain from turning this note into a newsletter with updates on various ELC subjects, but I do want to let you know that the second of three reports undertaken by consultants to NJ Transit has been submitted to the NJ DEP and posted to our website. The Estling Lake Dam Spillway and Embankment Stability Evaluation concludes that the railroad embankment and the spillway could fail under certain stress test conditions. The consultants recommend that the risks be considered and a plan developed to reduce these risks. We should have more specific information this summer.

That’s it for now. Do take care!

Website Updates for 3/2/2020

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A new season is quickly approaching and I’ve finally had some time to catch up on my backlog of website updates. Take a few minutes and check out these items:

More to come in the near future and don’t forget that the water will be turned on Saturday April 11th (weather permitting).

Website Updates for 9/29/2018

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There are a number of updates to the website for this week:


Website Updates for 9/4/2018

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There are a number of updates to the website for this week:

And if you haven’t signed up in person, don’t forget to join one or more committees for 2019

Website Updates for 7/30/2018

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The minutes from the July 16th Board of Directors meeting have been posted along with the newsletter from last week.

Website Updates for 7/22/2018

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The minutes from the July 2nd Board of Directors meeting have been posted along with more newsletters.

Website Updates for 7/2/2018

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The minutes from the June Board of Directors meetings have been posted along with the first two newsletters of the season.

Website Updates for 6/17/2018

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Here are the latest updates to our website, check them out when you get a chance.

  1. The Calendar has been updated to include the Hub Lakes sports schedule for Estling.  You can view all the Hub Lakes activities and rules on the Hub Lakes website:
  2. An electronic copy of the printed calendar that Emma created is available for download on the Calendar page.  Note, there have been a few changes since the original printing:
    1. The Board of Directors meetings have been moved to 7:30PM
    2. Thanks to John Taylor, a CPR class has been scheduled for August 1st at 7PM
  3. The History page has been updated with the videos from our 50th Anniversary celebration.  They are all pretty special and bring back great memories, but my favorite has to be “The Family Album” performance with a special appearance from Gregg Taylor.