Estling Lake Overview

Each camp owner rents the “site” from the corporation under a self-renewing lease. The camp owner pays an annual rental (dues) to cover both operating expenses such as taxes and maintenance of community property, and a capital reserve contribution. Each stockholder will at all times own the same number of shares as other stockholders.

The existence of the corporation and the life of the community depend on the willingness of members to take part in its activities. The obligation to serve is no less real than the obligation to pay dues and it is only in this way that dues can be kept to a minimum. It is the policy of the corporation to examine prospective members with this in mind, to ensure that they will be an asset to the community. Any person occupying a camp is considered a member of the community during such occupancy.

For more information about our community, read through the Estling Lake Fact Sheet.

No Camps Available

Sorry, at this time, there are no camps that are for sale.