Recycling Bin

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Welcome back to Estling.
With more of us in camp, I have observed an issue with the recycling area. Please help to maintain a neat area around the recycling bin. Do not leave items outside the bin area. If your items do not fit in the bin, please hold them and place them in the bin at a later date.
All cardboard boxes should be flattened as this allows more space in the bin. If you gather your recyclables in a cardboard box, please empty the contents into the bin and then flatten your box. Doing this allows the smaller items to find space and leaves more room in the bin.
Beginning in June, the recycling bin will be emptied twice a week and this should help to alleviate our over filling problem. I believe the pickups will be Monday and Thursday, the same days as the summer garbage pickup schedule.
I appreciate all of you who faithfully recycle your items.