Updates for 4/4/2015

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Only one more week until the water is turned on! Check out the News page for some pictures of Estling Lake Road under construction.  In addition, meeting minutes for the Board of Directors have been posted.

Construction Update

Category : General

Construction of the portion of the Estling Village sewer line on Estling Lake property began last week. As a result of the digging, Estling Lake Road has been closed during the working day (usually from about 7:30AM to 4PM). This means our campsites are not accessible by car at those hours. The work, which is done Monday through Saturday, is expected to take a few more weeks. The road will be repaved in the spring.

We thank the Torkos family for their patience in putting up with this inconvenience.


Seasonal Reminders

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It’s been a busy off-season around several of our camps this fall, with many contractors coming in for various jobs. Scott Torkos is familiar with many local workers, but not all of them. When he sees someone around a camp who he doesn’t know, he must investigate. This can be disruptive for the workers and adds extra work for Scott.

Please, if you are having outsiders come in to work at your campsite, let Scott know. A simple phone call or email will do.

And here is an additional reminder: our lease prohibits the exposed storage of vehicles at the lake during the off-season.

– Dave Robins

Pictures from delta cleanout

Category : Website Updates

Check out the Lake Maintenance page to see pictures from the recent delta cleanout.

Dates to remember for 2015

Category : Open/Close Water

  • The water will be turned on April 11 (weather permitting).
  • Work weekend for 2015 is June 13th and 14th.
  • Land Events is scheduled for June 28
  • Water Events is scheduled for July 12

New Mailing List

Category : Website Updates

We have a new mailing list feature to help send announcements out to the Estling Lake Community.  For more details, check out the information page

Updates for 10/23/2014

Category : Website Updates

The meeting minutes for the September 21st Board of Directors meeting have been posted to the Board Meetings page.  A new page called Reference was added to the private section with a link to information on the Athletic Field Jobs.

Updates for 10/5/2014

Category : Website Updates

An update to the Committee Reports has been posted to the Corporation Meetings page.  The meeting minutes for the August 24th Board of Directors meeting have been posted to the Board Meetings page

Water Shutoff – 2014

Category : Water

The water will be shut off on Sunday November 2nd, 2014 around 2 PM (weather permitting).

Welcome to the new site!

Category : General

Welcome to the new Estling Lake web site. Here are a few feature highlights:

  • You can add the Estling Lake calendar to your computer or smart phone. Just click on the Subscribe button at the bottom of the calendar and select the option appropriate for you
  • You can keep up with the latest postings by subscribing to our RSS Feed
  • Check out photos on our Facebook page