Newsletter for 6/25/2015

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The newsletter for 6/25/2015 can be found here. If you are looking to put something in the newsletter, contact Allison P. at camp 17.

2015 Newsletter Updates

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I am doing the newsletter this year.  If anyone has anything they want in the newsletter (first one comes out friday) sent me a message or leave a note in my mailbox 17 by thursday at 10pm.
thank you
Allison P. camp 17

Detours and Dust

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It looks like we’ll be putting up with detours and dirty cars this summer. We can’t do anything about the detours, they are not under our controll—we can thank Estling Village and the Town of Denville for them.

But we can do something about dirty cars. Here’s what we’re proposing:


The Board has purchased coupons for car washes at Mountain Lakes Auto Spa. So for the rest of this season (and only this season, don’t even think of asking if this will be an annual occurrence!) we’ll provide each camp with up to five coupons for an exterior wash. If you want the Spa to do interior cleaning, too, you can use the coupon towards the total cost.

Right now you can get your coupons at camp 51. As the season progresses we’ll have them available at Estling events. Please take only the coupons you plan to use. We’ll sell any leftovers at the end of the year.

Mountain Lakes Auto Spa is located on Route 46 East, just past the Mountain Lakes Boulevard, next door to Thrift Auto Sales.


-Dave R.

Hub Lakes “Books”

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Hi Lakers,

As I mentioned earlier, Hub Lakes will not publish the sports booklet, but instead will be “on-line”. Schedules, coaches, ads are all there. Try it out.

The web site is:

– glen

2015 Calendar Updated

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The online Estling Calendar has been updated for the season and a printable copy of the calendar is available here:  Printable Estling Calendar 2015

Road Updates

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As work continues at Estling Village, much of it impacts Estling Lake Road, although at this point the work is being done on the part of the road adjacent to the village – the part the town owns, not Estling Lake. The sewer is mostly finished, but now connections must be made to houses across the road from Estling Village. In addition, storm water pipes need to be installed to connect the area across from the Village to the drain pipes on the Estling Village side.

All of this activity requires digging up Estling Lake Road. For us that means a bumpy, muddy road and detours around the digging zones. Since several of these across-the-road connections must still be made, this situation could last for a while. I have talked to the management of Estling Village and the Town of Denville to convey our unhappiness with the state of the road.

In the section of road from Estling Village to just past our gates, the part we own, the road is easier to deal with. But until final paving (sometime in early October), it’s still a dirt road and subject to potholes and bumps. Please use caution.

It is the obligation of Estling Village to maintain that part of the road until the fall.

It is not the obligation of Estling Village workmen to listen to complaints about the road from anyone who drives on it. A constant stream of complaints takes the workmen way from their job, slowing the process. And it could make them less willing to do a proper job on our road.

Please do not take your grievances about the road to the workmen or to the construction trailer.

Talk to me instead. I will meet regularly (at least weekly, more often if required) with the construction foreman to inspect our part of the road. If you have a specific area or a pet pothole you would like taken care of, let me know.

Estling Village has shown a willingness to work with us: they have installed a turnaround and a drainage pipe for us, and this week, when the contractor we had lined up to do the initial spreading of sand at the beach couldn’t make it, Estling Village sent in their landscaper with a machine to do the work. Their construction work is making a mess and they know that, but they will work with us to ease the disruption if they can.

We will still have some muddy roads and rough traveling ahead of us, but if we all pitch in with a positive attitude and a lot of patience we can have another great summer at Estling.

See you Saturday at Work Weekend.

Dave R.


Temporary Water Disruption

Category : Water

Denville DPW has notified me that they will be working on the fire hydrant (our source of water) on Monday, May 4th.

As such, there will be no water to Estling starting at 8am on Monday. They expect to be working for 6-8 hours and we will not have water during this time period.

They will post notices on each camp with instructions for water usage post work.

Best regards,
Bob Reimers

View from above

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Check out these videos of Estling Lake captured by Brian B. with his UAV.

Updates for 4/10/2015

Category : Open/Close Water

The water will not be turned on until Saturday April 18th.  Denville Township needs to make additional repairs to their end of the pipeline which should be complete before the 18th.

Updates for 4/4/2015

Category : Website Updates

Only one more week until the water is turned on! Check out the News page for some pictures of Estling Lake Road under construction.  In addition, meeting minutes for the Board of Directors have been posted.

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