Community update for 7/20/2020

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Social Distancing: We have all come to know the basics here – 6’ apart in public outdoor spaces.  This was recently supplemented to mandate face coverings when maintaining 6’ of separation in public outdoor settings is not possible.  Social distancing is not mandated for “immediate family, caretakers, household members, or romantic partners”.

The public outdoor space that many of us share is our beach.  As recently reported, the lack of crowding on the beach allowed the board to modify the beach no-guest policy slightly.  We will continue to evaluate this policy as we monitor both crowding and social distancing.  Please remember that social distancing is a 24/7 requirement.

Town Hall July 29th: Our next Town Hall meeting is now less than 2 weeks away.  The primary planned agenda item is an update of Dam issues, including the status of discussions with NJ Transit and the Dam Safety Division of the DEP.  We have little new information to share but this is a very important subject. Therefore, we will again review what information we do have.

Please let me know if there are other matters that you wish covered at this Town Hall.  The meeting will again be Zoom-based.  We will have a Town Hall meeting in August to review the status of securing a new disposal site for dredged material.

Dark Camps: You will have noticed that there are a number of camps unoccupied this summer.  Given the pandemic this is not surprising.  The Board has been asked how we intend to deal with this given the “dark camp” provision in the lease. This provision states that the Lessee will make use of or arrange for use of the Lessee’s camp.  The Lessee is subject to a special assessment for failure to do so over 3 consecutive years.  The Board determines annually at the end of each summer if there are “dark camps” other than those for “good cause”.  The board discussed this at our last meeting determining that the pandemic is a “good cause” event.

Tennis Courts: Thanks to Scott and all on the committee who worked on the tennis court project.  It looks great!  It’s nice to now have a safe court available for use, especially this summer.


Tennis Backboard

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The tennis backboard has been repainted. But it is not yet ready for play. Paint experts tell us that the paint needs to cure for a week before it is ready for use. Thus, the backboard will be available to use on July 25.

We have also heard from tennis experts. They say when using the tennis backboard, you will get better results if you bend your knees and keep your eye on the ball.

Thank you.
The Backboard Committee.
Marg, Alf, Carol and Dave

Phil Bleser

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Phil Bleser passed away today. We extend our love and best wishes to Nancy. So sorry for this loss but also so glad to have Nancy here at Estling.

Beach guest policy change

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The ELC Board of Directors has decided to change our guest policy for the beach. 

Effective immediately, each camp is allowed to have up to two guests that can occupy the space around a single flag. This means that the two guests have to be from the same household or romantically involved. 

Please contact me if you have questions. 

Stay safe, 

Ladies Club – Wine Glasses Fundraiser

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The Ladies Club is selling Estling Lake Wine Glasses for our next big fundraiser.  If you would like to place an order, and we hope you do, please click on the link below and submit your order form by August 1, 2020.  We anticipate orders will be ready about 2 weeks after this deadline date pending product availability.

Ladies Club – Order Form for Wine Glasses

Preparing for severe weather

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In case you haven’t heard, Topical Storm Fay is set to hit our area around 1PM today and will last throughout the evening.  It’s expected to bring high winds and heavy rains which may result in flooding, downed trees, and power outages.  For those of you with boats/kayaks/paddle boards/etc near the waters edge, it’s recommended that you pull them completely on shore and secure them to something solid.  This is also a good time to remind everyone that you should have your camp number on your boats so that they can be easily identified.  If your camp loses power, you can report the outage on the JCP&L Website or call 888-544-4877.  For TV/Internet/Phone issues from Optimum/Altice, you can visit their outage webpage (note you will have to login to see details) or call 973-230-6046.  For Verizon, use their outage webpage or call 800-837-4966.  More information on Tropical Storm Fay and the anticipated impact can be found in the NWS briefing package (next update will occur around 1PM today).

Stay safe everyone!

Tennis Court Update for 7/6/2020

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The tennis court work has begun and you will see the surface has been scraped and patched. The next steps will be to fill in any depressions and smooth out the court. Once that is complete the final surface coatings will be applied and lines will be painted. Given the poor weather forecast for this week, the contractor expects that the final work will not take place until next week (it requires several dry days in a row). Please remind family and visitors to stay off the court during this time so that we don’t interfere with the drying process of the various surface treatments. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

Tennis Court Update and Water Restrictions

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The contractor for the tennis court project has begun to deliver items to the site.  I spoke with them earlier this week and they expect to begin work on the court next week.  During this time, it is important that you stay off the court and do not disturb the equipment or supplies.  Once the new surface is applied, it will take several days to cure so please avoid the area until we announce that it is open.  Weather permitting, we are expecting all the work to be completed the week of July 6th.  Stay tuned for more updates.

On another note, the Township of Denville has announced water restrictions from now until September.  The details can be found online, but essentially, washing cars and watering lawns should be avoided if possible and only performed based on the posted schedule.

Donations and Town Hall

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Song Service Donations

With no Song Service’s currently scheduled, the board requests that you consider donations to the Newark Fresh Air Fund and Saint Peter’s Orphanage.  Checks can be made out to ELC or the individual organization and mailed to the Treasurer (Estling Lake Corporation, PO Box 281, Denville, NJ 07834).  Contributions will be split evenly between the two organizations.  Alternatively, you can donate via and where credit cards are accepted.  Each has a “donations” tab and in each case you can either “leave a comment” or enter in “special instructions” your association with Estling Lake.  Last summer we donated over $5,000 from our Song Service collections.

I recently spoke with the Executive Directors of the two charities.  Both are experiencing a drop off in contributions.

Donna Johnson-Thompson attended Song Service a few years ago to recognize Estling’s 100-year history of contributing to the Newark Fresh Air Fund.  In our call she specifically spoke of the funding needs of a camp that she manages for children with physical disabilities.  The camp will open in July abiding by the Covid19 regulations.  It is an expensive program to run.  100% of all donations go to this and other programs for children.

Kelly McNamara, Executive Director of St Peters Orphanage was quite emotional when I informed her that the Estling Lake community would continue to contribute to St Peters despite no scheduled Song Services. While her basic needs are largely funded via governmental programs, all of our contributions are for special activities for St Peters residents.

Town Hall

We will hold a ZOOM-based town hall meeting Wednesday, July 1st.  The primary agenda item is a presentation from the By Laws Committee of recommended changes to our governing documents.  As this meeting is 2 days following our next board meeting and only a week following the opening of the beach, I’m certain that the “beach” will also be a topic discussed.  Details to follow.

Road Repairs Update

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The good news, work has begun and the sections that have been completed look good. The bad news, the contractor was unable to finish and it won’t be completed until Monday. Areas that are in process have cones but there are a couple of world class bumps. Please drive slow and be careful.