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Denville 2019 First Responders Calendar

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The Denville PAL is selling calendars for $20 featuring Police (including someone we all know!), Fire, CERT, DPW, and OEM members from the town along with several animals from the Denville Animal Shelter.  Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Vamp Up Vets Field project.  To learn more about the project or purchase a calendar, you can visit the Denville Plays site or visit their Facebook page.  If you would like a calendar but can’t make the pickup dates, please let me know and I can work something out with you.

Memorial Service for Miki Buie

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A memorial service will be held for Miki Buie at noon on 12:00 pm Saturday, December 29th at the Lakes auditorium:

Willow Valley (Lakes)
300 Willow Valley Lakes Drive
Willow Street, PA 17584

Detours and Dust

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It looks like we’ll be putting up with detours and dirty cars this summer. We can’t do anything about the detours, they are not under our controll—we can thank Estling Village and the Town of Denville for them.

But we can do something about dirty cars. Here’s what we’re proposing:


The Board has purchased coupons for car washes at Mountain Lakes Auto Spa. So for the rest of this season (and only this season, don’t even think of asking if this will be an annual occurrence!) we’ll provide each camp with up to five coupons for an exterior wash. If you want the Spa to do interior cleaning, too, you can use the coupon towards the total cost.

Right now you can get your coupons at camp 51. As the season progresses we’ll have them available at Estling events. Please take only the coupons you plan to use. We’ll sell any leftovers at the end of the year.

Mountain Lakes Auto Spa is located on Route 46 East, just past the Mountain Lakes Boulevard, next door to Thrift Auto Sales.


-Dave R.

Hub Lakes “Books”

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Hi Lakers,

As I mentioned earlier, Hub Lakes will not publish the sports booklet, but instead will be “on-line”. Schedules, coaches, ads are all there. Try it out.

The web site is:

– glen