Water is on!

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Thanks to the great efforts of our volunteers, water is now available to all camps.  We had a few leaks that needed some TLC, but nothing out of the ordinary.  Please be sure to say thank you to all the brave volunteers that came out today so that our community has water:

  • Jeff C.
  • Mike D.
  • Jeff N.
  • Jim T.
  • Scott T.

For those that choose to move in, keep in mind a few things.

  1. NJ is under tight restrictions as a result of COVID19 and things change daily.  You can keep up with the latest news on the NJ COVID19 site.
  2. Paper products are in short supply in this area.  Bring a sufficient amount of toilet paper because most stores do not have any.
  3. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU FLUSH! Some people in town have tried to get creative due to the TP shortage and have ended up clogging the sewer pipes. Don’t be that person! See below for more information from the town.
  4. There are many local business that offer take out or free delivery.  You can browse a list of Denville stores and their status here.
  5. Garbage pickup will begin on April 6th and is picked up once a week on Mondays.
  6. Recycling is on a new schedule this year, every week there is a pickup.  One week will be paper/cardboard and the next week will be glass/plastic/metal.  Our Estling Calendar has the schedule or you can look at the Town’s site.

Thank you and stay safe!

Denville Township SEWER NEWS

Clogged toilets and sewer back-ups are the latest unforeseen victim of the coronavirus crisis. Residents are disinfecting household surfaces with paper towels, disinfectant wipes, disposable diapers and old rags. And many of them are flushing it all down their toilets.

Not surprisingly, there has been a surge in overflowing toilets and sewer back-ups in our system as well as in neighboring municipalities.

Therefore, even if a product is labeled “flushable,” it could still block your indoor plumbing, cause sewer main clogs and even jam up treatment plants even if they swish down your toilet bowl. So to prevent sewer back-ups or other problems, please throw wipes, paper towels, disposal diapers and rags in the trash and please only flush toilet paper.

Upcoming Events

all-day Garbage Pickup
Garbage Pickup
Oct 18 all-day
Monday pickups except for holidays (Memorial Day, Labor Day, sometimes Independence Day)
all-day Garbage Pickup
Garbage Pickup
Oct 25 all-day
Monday pickups except for holidays (Memorial Day, Labor Day, sometimes Independence Day)
12:00 PM Turn Off Water
Turn Off Water
Nov 7 @ 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
The water for the community is turned off and the pipeline is drained at the end of the season.
7:00 PM First Song Service
First Song Service
Jun 19 @ 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
First Song Service
7:00 PM Song Service
Song Service
Jul 24 @ 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Song Service