Town Hall Meeting now July 23

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Because of a conflict with a table tennis match, we have changed the date of the Town Hall meeting.

The Town Hall meeting will be on Saturday, July 23, at 10AM.

I encourage all campers to attend as we will be discussing important issues, including lake maintenance plans and our policy with respect to wells.


Boat Regatta moved to Sunday

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All Campers

You’ve waited 70 years so we hope one extra day won’t hurt.
Due to an inclement weather forecast for tomorrow.
The Estling Lake 70th Anniversary Boat Regatta is moved to Sunday (10th July) at 2pm.
Hopefully this works well for everyone, as it will be soon after Water Events wraps up.
To avoid complications on an already busy day we are removing the “picnic on the beach” element.
As a reminder the goal is to get 70 boats out on the lake … and Yes kayaks DO count !
See you all out on the lake.
Rob & Erin

Bulk Pickup – Fri 7/1

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Bulk pickup is scheduled for this Friday, July 1st

View the Estling calendar on your phone

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Just a reminder that you can add the Estling Lake calendar to your smart phone.  From your phone, navigate to the calendar , click on the Subscribe button at the bottom, and select the option appropriate for you.


Tennis Lessons

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It has been brought to my attention by one of our campers that he would like teach tennis this year.  I feel this is a great opportunity for our campers to explore another fun activity.  The tentative  schedule is as follows:

June 29-July 28  Tuesdays and Thursdays  (10 sessions)

8-9 (adults)  Could also consider doing evening lessons for adults

9:15-10 am ages 5-8 or beginner

10-11 am ages 9-17 or intermediate/advanced

If interested, please e-mail me by:  Wednesday, June 15th.

The cost will be determined by the amount of children/adult participating. The season is coming fast and looking so forward to seeing everyone.

Let the fun begin

Kim Newton

The Estling season of 2016 is here

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Hi all,

The Estling season of 2016 is here. Many of you have started—and some completed—the annual clean-up and move-in activities. You will have noticed that we have a much smoother and cleaner Estling Lake Road this year. The first official activity of the season is coming soon:

Work Weekend is June 11-12.

As usual, work will be concentrated at the Athletic Field and Community House/Beach. Start time is 9AM on Saturday. If you’re going to the Athletic Field, bring a rake, some clippers and maybe a tarp. To the Community House, bring a willingness to work and the realization that not everyone waits until 9 to begin.

The Corporation will provide lunch at around noon, or when the work is done (whichever comes last), on Saturday.

There is also a project scheduled for Saturday afternoon. As you may know, as part of last fall’s hydro raking project, we removed a good deal of organic matter from the cove near the Price and Livingston camps. However, the hydro rake, based on a boat, could not reach the material that is in or near the shallow water. The task for Saturday afternoon is to remove some of this stuff. To do this we will need wheel barrows, shovels and heavy duty rakes. And a hearty group of people who are not afraid of a little muck. Meet at the stone bridge by the cove at 2:00.

You will be getting a lake calendar in your mailbox soon.  But until it comes, here are a few early dates you should be aware of:

As usual, the floats and other beach equipment will go in on the Work Weekend. But the beach does not officially open until Saturday, June 25. June 25 is the first day lifeguards will be on duty.

The day before, June 24, we will have S’mores on the beach. The first Song Service is June 26.

Garbage will be collected on Tuesday and Friday starting in June. The bulk pick-up at curbside is on June 28. As usual, put your items out beforehand so your friends and neighbors can prevent obviously valuable but somehow underappreciated items from winding up in a landfill. But please don’t put things out too early and clutter up our roadside.

We don’t seem to have as many deer as we used to, but they are still around. And that means we still have the threat of Lyme Disease. Kevin Bollinger found that there is a new test for Lyme Disease. You can read about it at this site:

See you soon.


Water is on!

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The water was successfully turned on this past Saturday. Here are a couple of pictures from one of the repairs.  Thanks to everyone who came out to help!



2016 Preliminary Calendar

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The preliminary calendar for 2016 has been posted here.

Updates for 8/24/2015

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Head over to the Newsletters page to catch up the Lakeside News. Meeting minutes for the Board of Directors and the 2014 Stockholders Meeting have also been posted.

Town Hall Update

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At the town hall meeting, the Lake Maintenance Committee will discuss maintenance of the forebays (settling basins), maintenance of stream deltas and tradeoffs related to lake sedimentation.

Because our finances are limited, we must make choices. The questions below can help you decide what you value most about our lake.

  • Which is more important to you?
    • to clean the sediment filled area along the cabin shoreline, the entrance into Den Brook and beyond (Berger’s to the inlet) OR
    • to clean the sediment from the west end of the lake to assure we do not lose more to sedimentation
  • Which is more important to you?
    • to preserve the open lake as we know it today OR
    • to create scattered sediment islands if this allows significant cost savings.
  • Which is more important to you?
    • to do no cleaning for 5+ years so that money can be saved for a project, possibly at the lowest cost per cubic yard OR
    • to start cleaning areas now, even if the cost is somewhat more per cubic yard
  • Which is more important to you?
    • to clean the full depth of sediment in an area – surface to the lake bottom; perhaps as much as five feet OR
    • to clean enough sediment to make the area boat accessible, about two feet

A copy of the attached document was delivered to your mailbox. The document describes the major issues related to lake sedimentation. Come to the meeting and discuss them.

– Glen

Town Hall Information