Town Hall Update

Town Hall Update

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At the town hall meeting, the Lake Maintenance Committee will discuss maintenance of the forebays (settling basins), maintenance of stream deltas and tradeoffs related to lake sedimentation.

Because our finances are limited, we must make choices. The questions below can help you decide what you value most about our lake.

  • Which is more important to you?
    • to clean the sediment filled area along the cabin shoreline, the entrance into Den Brook and beyond (Berger’s to the inlet) OR
    • to clean the sediment from the west end of the lake to assure we do not lose more to sedimentation
  • Which is more important to you?
    • to preserve the open lake as we know it today OR
    • to create scattered sediment islands if this allows significant cost savings.
  • Which is more important to you?
    • to do no cleaning for 5+ years so that money can be saved for a project, possibly at the lowest cost per cubic yard OR
    • to start cleaning areas now, even if the cost is somewhat more per cubic yard
  • Which is more important to you?
    • to clean the full depth of sediment in an area – surface to the lake bottom; perhaps as much as five feet OR
    • to clean enough sediment to make the area boat accessible, about two feet

A copy of the attached document was delivered to your mailbox. The document describes the major issues related to lake sedimentation. Come to the meeting and discuss them.

– Glen

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