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I am very pleased to announce that Sgt Brian Williams of the Denville Police Department has accepted our offer to become our new Caretaker. Brian, his wife Dana and their two daughters Leah and Aimee will be taking over the duties sometime in September. We were extremely fortunate in receiving five resumes from Denville police officers expressing interest in the position. Our selection committee consisting of Bob R, Chuck B, Rick P, and I met with three candidates and we unanimously agreed that Brian would be the best fit for our community. I have attached the letter that Brian submitted to the Board expressing interest in the position as well as a picture of Brian, Dane, and their youngest daughter, Aimee. The committee is confident that the Williams family will be a wonderful addition to our Estling community.
Ben B

Letter from Brian Williams
(Sergeant – Denville Police Department)

To the Estling Lake Community,

Greetings and I hope this letter finds you well!
My name is Brian Williams and I am a Sergeant with the Denville Police Department. I am writing this letter to express my interest in becoming the official caretaker for the Estling Lake Community with my wife, Dana, and daughters, Leah and Aimee.

I have been a member of the Denville Police Department for 13 years and have lived in Denville with my family for the past 10 years. I grew up a few towns over in Mine Hill, NJ, with my parents, older sister, and younger brother. I attended Dover High School and worked for my father, a licensed contractor, for many years. He taught me various construction skills to include additions, roofing, siding, electrical, plumbing, etc. After high school, I attended Rutgers University where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in education. Prior to becoming a police officer, I taught second grade for two years at Cozy Lake Elementary School in Jefferson, NJ. Although I did not stay in the education field, I was lucky enough to meet my wife, Dana, who also taught second grade in the same school. In 2006, I was accepted into the alternate route program at the Morris County Police Academy, where my police career began. I always wanted to work in Denville, however, the department was not hiring at the time. I was first hired as a patrolman in Pequannock Township, but ultimately transferred to Denville in 2007. I have held may positions in the Denville Police Department, Denville PBA, and Denville Police Athletic League. My family and I moved to Denville in 2010 and have been in the same location ever since.

My wife, Dana, has been committed to the Jefferson Township School District for over 20 years. She is now an elementary school counselor. Dana grew up in a family of six in High Crest Lake located in West Milford, NJ. My daughters are Leah (11) who will be a 6th grader at Valleyview Middle School come September, and Aimee (8) who will be a 3rd grader at Lakeview Elementary School. Both are Denville Township Cheerleaders, and both are in Girl Scouts. We also have two boxer dogs, Stella (3) and Ruby (2). My family spends as much time as possible outdoors with camping, fishing, kayaking, hiking, swimming, and biking. We love the lifestyle lake living brings!

I have spoken with my family about the commitment and expectations that being the Estling Lake caretaker brings. My family received the information for this unique opportunity with excitement and anticipation. We understand the responsibilities and we are willing to uphold all that is expected, even through the long New Jersey winters. We strongly feel we would be an excellent fit for this role and we are filled with excitement at this possibility of becoming a member of the Estling Lake family.

Our current home is merely footsteps away from Estling Lake, so we do not see this opportunity as one that uproots the family. Our children would easily maintain their relationships with friends and would remain in their current schools with their classmates.
I understand how important the caretaker position is to the long-standing community of Estling Lake. I can confidently say that my family will respect and maintain all that your community has been built upon. We are prepared to take on this responsibility and we would be honored to say that our family is part of the Estling Lake Community for years to come.

We look forward to meeting with you and we are truly excited about this opportunity to become part of your beautiful lake community!

Brian, Dana, Leah, and Aimee Williams