Community update for 7/20/2020

Category : General

Social Distancing: We have all come to know the basics here – 6’ apart in public outdoor spaces.  This was recently supplemented to mandate face coverings when maintaining 6’ of separation in public outdoor settings is not possible.  Social distancing is not mandated for “immediate family, caretakers, household members, or romantic partners”.

The public outdoor space that many of us share is our beach.  As recently reported, the lack of crowding on the beach allowed the board to modify the beach no-guest policy slightly.  We will continue to evaluate this policy as we monitor both crowding and social distancing.  Please remember that social distancing is a 24/7 requirement.

Town Hall July 29th: Our next Town Hall meeting is now less than 2 weeks away.  The primary planned agenda item is an update of Dam issues, including the status of discussions with NJ Transit and the Dam Safety Division of the DEP.  We have little new information to share but this is a very important subject. Therefore, we will again review what information we do have.

Please let me know if there are other matters that you wish covered at this Town Hall.  The meeting will again be Zoom-based.  We will have a Town Hall meeting in August to review the status of securing a new disposal site for dredged material.

Dark Camps: You will have noticed that there are a number of camps unoccupied this summer.  Given the pandemic this is not surprising.  The Board has been asked how we intend to deal with this given the “dark camp” provision in the lease. This provision states that the Lessee will make use of or arrange for use of the Lessee’s camp.  The Lessee is subject to a special assessment for failure to do so over 3 consecutive years.  The Board determines annually at the end of each summer if there are “dark camps” other than those for “good cause”.  The board discussed this at our last meeting determining that the pandemic is a “good cause” event.

Tennis Courts: Thanks to Scott and all on the committee who worked on the tennis court project.  It looks great!  It’s nice to now have a safe court available for use, especially this summer.