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Website Updates for 9/4/2018

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There are a number of updates to the website for this week:

And if you haven’t signed up in person, don’t forget to join one or more committees for 2019

Website Updates for 7/30/2018

Category : Website Updates

The minutes from the July 16th Board of Directors meeting have been posted along with the newsletter from last week.

Website Updates for 7/22/2018

Category : Website Updates

The minutes from the July 2nd Board of Directors meeting have been posted along with more newsletters.

Website Updates for 7/2/2018

Category : Website Updates

The minutes from the June Board of Directors meetings have been posted along with the first two newsletters of the season.

Lake Maintenance Committee Meeting

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There will be a Lake Maintenance Committee Meeting on Saturday July 7th at 1pm in the community house.

Holiday Recycling Reminder

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Don’t forget that recycling won’t be picked up on Wednesday this week due to the holiday.  The town is coming on Saturday, July 7th for recycling pickup.

Website Updates for 6/17/2018

Category : Website Updates

Here are the latest updates to our website, check them out when you get a chance.

  1. The Calendar has been updated to include the Hub Lakes sports schedule for Estling.  You can view all the Hub Lakes activities and rules on the Hub Lakes website:
  2. An electronic copy of the printed calendar that Emma created is available for download on the Calendar page.  Note, there have been a few changes since the original printing:
    1. The Board of Directors meetings have been moved to 7:30PM
    2. Thanks to John Taylor, a CPR class has been scheduled for August 1st at 7PM
  3. The History page has been updated with the videos from our 50th Anniversary celebration.  They are all pretty special and bring back great memories, but my favorite has to be “The Family Album” performance with a special appearance from Gregg Taylor.

Calendar Updates for 5/30/2018

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I’ve added the garbage and recycling schedules to our online calendar which you can find here:

If you would like to add this calendar to your phone or personal calendar, use your device’s browser and click on the Subscribe button in the bottom right corner 
If you use an iPhone, click on “Add to Apple Calendar.”
If you use Gmail or an Android device, click on “Add to Google.”
If you use Outlook or Office 365, click on “Add to Outlook.”

Just a reminder, that recycling pickup is every other week (not today), so if you put your bins out last night, please bring them back in and put them out next week.

Brush Pickup

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As you prepare for work weekend and opening your camp for the summer you should know that Margaret B. has arranged for the town to do a brush pickup for us. So, if you wish to take advantage of this, the brush needs to be no longer than 6ft in length, not exceed 4 inches in diameter, and placed at the side of the road in manageable piles with stick ends facing in one direction.
-Rick P.

Temporary Closure During Milling/Paving on Estling Lake Rd

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Tomorrow (Tue 5/15) a company will be milling the road west of the RR tracks. This will occur around 11 am. Then the next day (Wed 5/16) they will be paving around the same time. During this time vehicles will not be able to pass.