Annual Meeting of Estling Lake Corporation 2020

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The information packets for this year’s Annual Meeting of the Estling Lake Corporation have been distributed.  This year, because we have a different mail distribution system, the packets have been placed in the individual mail folders at the mail distribution box near the Estling Lake Athletic Field.  The meeting will be held at 8 PM on August 21, 2020 via the Zoom platform.

The packets include the official notice of the meeting, a letter from the President of the Corporation, a list of stockholders, the minutes of the 2019 Annual Meeting including Committee Reports and the proposed budget for 2021.  Also included are the proposed changes to the Lease and Bylaws.

The packet information will be posted on the Estling website:

Because of the pandemic some stockholders are not in camp this year and may not be able to pick up their packets.  If you cannot access the packet through the website and need to have your hard copy mailed to you, please let me know and I will mail it out.